Club Bylaws



ARTICLE I.     Name

The name of this organization shall be the Henderson Democratic Club (hereinafter called HDC).

ARTICLE II.     Purpose

A. The purpose of HDC shall be to advance the goals of the Democratic Party (hereinafter called the Party), through public policy and political issue analysis, education, fund-raising, recruitment, coordination with other Democratic groups, and other activities to benefit the Party.

B. HDC shall support the broadest possible registration in the Party, and recruitment of HDC

membership without discrimination on grounds of race, sex, age, color, creed, national origin,

religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, physical disability or economic status.

ARTICLE III.     Authority and Procedures

Section 1. Authority

HDC operates under the authority of the Clark County Democratic Party (hereinafter CCDP), and in compliance with its chartering requirement.

Section 2. Procedures

A. All regular and special meetings of HDC shall be conducted in accordance with these By-laws and with Robert’s Rules of Order as a guide.

B. All motions brought before the HDC, provided a quorum is present, shall be adopted by vote of a majority of members present and voting, with the exceptions of amendment to the bylaws, reversal of endorsements, votes of no confidence or censure, or any other negative action, which all require 2/3 vote.  (Exceptions as specified in Article VI, Section 4; Article VI, Section 2.C. and Section 3.)

C. In accordance with the CCDP charter requirements, HDC:

1. May not take a position in support of a candidate for office other than a registered


2. May not endorse a Democratic candidate over any other Democratic candidate in

any primary election or in an election in which both candidates are Democrats;

3. Shall support the County, State, and National Democratic Party;

4. Shall cooperate with other Democratic organizations in Clark County;

5. Shall provide annually to the CCDP a roster of officer names and a copy of the bylaws.

D. HDC shall support candidates and issues when a motion of “endorsement” is approved by a

majority vote using voting cards at the next regular meeting after a “Candidates Forum.”

E. HDC shall contribute to the Democratic discussion and recommendations on Democratic

Party platforms.

ARTICLE IV.     Membership, Dues and Vote Entitlement

Section 1. Membership

A. Membership of HDC shall be drawn principally from residents of Henderson, Nevada and

surrounding areas within Clark County.  All eligible voters shall be registered as Democrats.

B. There shall be four types of members (hereinafter called the general membership):

1. Regular – a regular member;

2.Senior – a senior member, age 60 and over;

3. Student – a student member with current ID from an educational institution; and

4. Sponsor – a sustaining member who supports HDC at a higher level.

Section 2. Dues and Fees

A. There shall be four categories of dues; one for each type of member.  The amount of dues in each category shall be recommended by the Board of Directors and presented to the General Membership as a Standing Rule.

B. HDC fiscal year shall begin July 1 and end June 30 of each year.

C. Dues shall be paid annually, and shall be due July 1. Dues paid after May 1 shall extend

through the following year. Those who have not paid their dues by September 1 of each year

shall be considered to have resigned their membership.  Exception: The Board may run membership drives and alter the normal dues and expiration dates.

D. Club communication is done via e-mail and web page.  Exception: Mailings may be done at the Board’s discretion.

Section 3. Vote Entitlement

A. All members are entitled to vote on elections and motions brought before the body.  Each member shall have one vote.

B. No absentee or proxy voting shall be allowed.

Section 4. Removal of a Member

Respect and cooperation are fundamental to the success of a volunteer organization and must be the keystone of the club.  At any general meeting, upon recommendation by the Board of Directors brought to the HDC membership and a motion considered in executive session, a majority vote of the general membership present and voting may remove a member with or without cause.

ARTICLE V.     Meetings

Section 1. Meetings

A. There shall be at least four General Membership and four Board of Directors meetings annually. The dates and time of the meetings shall be set by the Board.

B. Notification of a general meeting is to be sent to the general membership within two weeks of the meeting – no later than one week prior to the meeting.

C. Board meetings are open to the general membership.  Any member may request to be included in board meeting notices.

D. As a community service, all General Meetings shall be open to the public unless designated in advance “For Members Only”.

E. Special meetings may be called by the President with approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Quorum

No business shall be transacted in the absence of a quorum.

A.  A quorum of a Board of Directors meeting shall be a majority of its membership.

B. A quorum of a General Membership meeting shall be at least 15 current HDC members.

ARTICLE VI.     Board of Directors and Officers

Section 1. HDC Board of Directors and Officers

A. The officers shall be President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Recording

Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and the Immediate Past-President.

B. The Board of Directors shall be composed of the officers, as well as two (2) at-large members. They shall be responsible for implementing the goals and maintaining the financial viability of the HDC.

Section 2. Term

A. The officers and at-large board members shall be installed at the June meeting, and will

assume their full duties on July 1.

B. The term of office shall be two (2) years and shall be on a staggered basis. The President, 1st Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and one Member at Large shall be elected in even numbered years. The 2nd Vice President, the Recording Secretary and one Member at large shall be elected in odd numbered years.

C. No officer shall be eligible for election to more than two terms in succession for the same office.  Exception: One additional term may be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of members present and voting at a general meeting.

Section 3. Removal of a Board Member or Officer

At any regular board meeting, a) providing the members and officers have been notified ten days in advance and b) upon a motion and c) a majority vote of the Board members present and voting, any member may be removed from the Board, or removed from office, with or without cause.  The Board’s action and rationale shall be reported to the members at the next general meeting.

ARTICLE VII.     Vacancies

Section 1. Vacancies

A. In the event of a vacancy in an elective office, however occurring, an election shall be held to fill that vacancy at the next meeting providing an eligible candidate is availableAn announcement of the vacancy and election shall be made as soon as possible to the membership, with notice that nominations will be taken from the floor.

B. The First Vice President shall automatically be offered the position of President if that office

becomes vacant, and if the First Vice President assumes the position of President, the Second

Vice President shall automatically be offered the position of First Vice President. At the next

meeting, an election shall be held to fill out the term of the vacant position.

C. Any member who finds it necessary to resign from their elected office should submit a letter of resignation or e-mail the same to the Board of the HDC.


A. A Nominating Committee of three members shall be elected by the membership in March of each year to nominate officers and at-large board members for the coming term.  If a committee can not be elected, the President shall appoint a committee.

B. The Nominating Committee shall submit nominations for HDC officers at the April general meeting providing that eligible candidates are available. The nominations must have been presented in writing to the General Membership in the announcement of the meeting.

C. Nominations by members may be by email or in any written form to the Nominating Committee or Board of Directors prior to the April meeting.  Nominations may be made from the floor. Nominations will then be closed.  Persons nominated must have agreed to their nominations.

D. If there is only one nominee for an office, that officer shall be elected by acclamation. Offices with more than one nominee shall be elected by secret ballot in May.

E. Prior to the May election meeting, all persons nominated shall submit to the Board a statement about their goals for the HDC, their residence address, phone number, previous political experience, and present employment or professional background.

F. The President shall appoint three (3) Tellers, who are responsible for receiving and tallying the votes.  The Tellers Chairman will read the Tellers’ Report to the membership.

ARTICLE IX.     Duties of Officers

Section 1. President

A. The President shall preside at all general and board Meetings, shall appoint the

Parliamentarian, shall establish special committees with approval of the Board of Directors

and shall be an Ex Officio (nonvoting) member of every committee.

B. The President shall be the official spokesperson for the HDC.

C. The President shall present an annual report that highlights the past year at the end of the

term of office.

D. The President shall appoint committee chairs (not otherwise specified in these bylaws) and representatives, as necessary, to outside groups with the approval of the Board.

Section 2. First Vice-President

A. The First Vice-President shall be assistant to the President, and shall preside in his/her


B. The First Vice-President shall be Chair of the Program Committee and be responsible for the general membership programs with the consultation and approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 3. Second Vice-President

A. The Second Vice-President shall be Chair of the Membership Committee, responsible for membership development and support, membership recruitment, and membership retention.

B. The Second Vice-President shall organize and maintain the “Telephone Tree”.

Section 4. Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall:

A.  Record and maintain the minutes of general and board meetings, and shall maintain all HDC records. He/she shall send a copy of the minutes to each member of the Board within two weeks of each meeting.

B. The Recording Secretary shall assume the duties of the Corresponding Secretary in his/her


Section 5. Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary shall:

A. Maintain an up-to-date membership list and send a copy to the Central Committee each year, along with a list of officers, a copy of the Bylaws and the required charter dues and fees.

B. Maintain an attendance list of every meeting.

C. Chair the Public Relations Committee.

D. Conduct the correspondence of the HDC.

E. Send the newsletter.

F. Assume the duties of the Recording Secretary in his/her absence.

Section 6. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

A. Have charge of all HDC funds, pay all legal obligations and make a full report to the Board of Directors and the general membership on a regular basis.  The HDC’s financial records shall be available for review to any club member.

B. Chair the Finance Committee.

C. Open (or renew) an account for the HDC at a bank designated by the Board. The Board shall designate two officers who will be authorized to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer. Two signatures will be required on authorizations for expenditures over $500.00.

D. Maintain a permanent photocopy file of all checks, invoices and contracts received. All contracts shall be signed by the President and the Treasurer.  In the absence of either the President or the Treasurer, the Board of Directors shall appoint alternates.

E. Be responsible for finding out what reports are required from the Clark County Registrar of Voters, the State of Nevada and federal agencies, and shall fill out and send them within the required time limits.

Section 7. Parliamentarian

The Parliamentarian shall advise the President as to the proper procedures for the conduct of

meetings, and shall rely on these Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. The Parliamentarian shall not have a vote on the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE X.     Duties of the Board of Directors

Section 1. Goals

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for establishing annual short and long term goals for the HDC, to be approved by the general membership.

Section 2. Conduct of Business.

A. The Directors are empowered to act in the best interest of the HDC with the intention of improving and promoting the club and the Democratic Party in our community.  The Board of Directors shall conduct the business of HDC in accordance with the policies and resolutions as decided by the general membership and these Bylaws.

B. The Board of Directors shall schedule general and board meetings.

C. A Board member holding more than one role or office shall have only one vote.

ARTICLE XI.     Committees

Section 1. Standing Committees

A. General responsibilities of Standing Committees:

1. Finance — prepare annual budget and maintain an appropriate reserve fund.

2. Program – supervise speaker’s bureau and organize themed meetings such as

“Endorsements” and “Elections.”

3. Membership – responsible for membership development and support, including membership recruitment, and membership retention.

4. Public Relations — edit newsletter, prepare press releases, artwork, printing,

copying and mailing. Develop and maintain club guidelines for printed and electronic mailings

and review/approve mailings done on behalf of third parties, such as candidates

and PACs

5. Nominating — comply with procedures outlined in these Bylaws.

6. Fund Raising — coordinate activities required to raise funds needed for operation of

HDC and support of issues and candidates endorsed by HDC. On an annual basis,

recommend the fee structure for third party use of the database/fundraising list.

Section 2. Special Committees

The Board of Directors and the President shall have the authority to appoint special committees necessary to accomplish the objectives of the HDC, such as Legislative and Campaign Support and Voter Registration committees.

Section 3. Operation of Committees

A. Each Committee is responsible for establishing its standing rules and procedures, compatible with these Bylaws, and shall conduct activities which carry out the goals of HDC as established by the Board.

B. The Chairman of each committee shall provide verbal reports as requested by the Board or the President, as well as a written report of its activities for inclusion in the Annual Report.

ARTICLE XII.     General Policies

Section 1. Parliamentary Procedure

On all matters of procedure not otherwise contained herein or in the standing rules of HDC, Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the official guide.

Section 2. Amendment of Bylaws

The Bylaws may be amended at any general meeting of the HDC by a two-thirds vote of the general membership present and voting, provided that written notice has been given to the members at least ten days before the general meeting, and shall be effective upon approval.

Section 3. Dissolution

Upon dissolution of HDC, all funds and materials shall be transferred to the Clark County Democratic Party Central Committee.

Section 4. Member Privacy and Mailing List Policy

The HDC database/fundraising list is the property of the Henderson Democratic Club and is a

valuable asset. There shall be one master database list. The Corresponding Secretary shall maintain this list. The list shall be available in some portion or circumstances to the following:

A. Tasks and projects designated by the HDC President or Board.  Under no circumstances will more of the list than what is deemed necessary to complete the task be given out in any form, paper, electronic or otherwise.

B. For a fee, candidates for public office shall be allowed to hire the club to distribute their communications to the member base. Email-based organization-wide communications shall be distributed to club members by the Corresponding Secretary. No email addresses or electronic copies of the database/fundraising list shall be given out to


C. All mailings whether print or email must follow club guidelines.

D. The Board may revoke access to the list/database for noncompliance with the

above policies.

E. A Club Directory will be established for the benefit of the membership; names will be listed and contact information will be voluntary.  The privacy of the individuals on our list shall be protected. No version of the directory, list, or database shall be forwarded directly or indirectly to any entity for commercial use.

Section 8. Vendor Preference.

For club mailings and other goods/services procured by the HDC, preference will be given to “union shops” wherever possible.


1. Dues and Fees per HDC Bylaws

Amount of dues for each type of member shall be recommended by the Board of Directors and presented to the General Membership as a Standing Rule.

A. There shall be four categories of dues:

1. Students Student’s with valid ID pay no dues.

2. Seniors $15

3. Regular $20

4. Sponsors $500 and above



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